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Hello and welcome to my project. I am MasterSamurai, leader of this Lego-related project. This is going to be a video game. Members are limited to 2-3 FOR NOW so hurry up and apply by posting on my message wall and telling me that you want to join.


The minifigs are peaceful and now producing technology even more powerful than what they made before. Robot War Machines are the first ones off the line. They have minds of their own. Everything is fine except one problem: the robots take no orders and REALLY have a mind of their own. Within a matter of hours, they rebel against the minifigs, thinking that the minifigs are making them slaves.


Pre-Alpha will be open on 8-5-12

Update: Project delayed 1 month, 1 week due to my vactation in France. New Date: 9-12-12

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